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You simply cannot underestimate the importance of diet on your general well-being. Though medical conditions may be expertly diagnosed by your practitioner, rectifying any nutritional imbalance plays a vital part in assisting a complete recovery.

“I EAT WELL. DO I NEED NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS?” The environment is increasingly becoming polluted and not just through the air and water that we breathe and drink. Agricultural pollution is one of the worst forms of pollution affecting the food that we eat and water we drink.

“AREN’T THE EXISTING NUTRIENTS IN FOOD ENOUGH?” The truth is, the modern western diet is woefully inadequate when it comes to providing many essential nutrients, nutrients that the body needs to restore energy, combat infection, and function properly. Far too many nutrients are lost through the rigors of modern food processing: chemical farming techniques, preservatives, refining, overcooking, even microwave ovens, all take their toll. Add to that the disproportionate levels of saturated fats and sugar which are present in so much of today’s food. Little wonder that, in such a situation, sick, injured or depleted bodies need additional help from nutritional supplements, let alone supposedly healthy people!

“HOW CAN MY PRACTITIONER HELP?” The nutritional approach to healthcare addresses root causes rather than symptoms. Better nutrition provides nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. We can help by recommending to you a program of nutritional supplements for your special dietary needs, supporting your return to health and helping to prevent further illness. We are highly trained and committed to help you maximize your individual lifestyle. Nutritional supplements can help achieve this by replacing nutritional losses, restoring vitality, and building up defense mechanisms against illness. The program of supplements recommended to you will play an essential role in eliminating existing deficiencies. It cannot be overstated how important it is to complete the full program prescribed to achieve desired results.

Optimal Health Systems Nutritional Support

Optimal Health Systems Supplemental Nutrition

OHS (Optimal Health Systems) is a health company with a holistic approach to nutrition. We are one of just a few prominent nutritional supplement companies who has not sold out to a pharmaceutical institution ensuring we are able to maintain superior product development. All of our formulas are based on scientifically-proven research. While most industry nutritional support companies promote synthetic vitamins and ingredients that have unnatural side effects, OHS formulas are derived from whole foods. Our in-house formulators have painstakingly developed hundreds of products over the duration of our company’s existence ensuring consistency and quality.

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We use groundbreaking science and a new approach to better health, better lives, and a better world. LifeVantage specializes in Nutrigenomics through researching, testing, and creating products to reduce the effects of aging enabling the human body to live much, MUCH longer. We concur with today’s top researchers about extending the human lifespan is inevitable, and the nutritional support generated through this cutting-edge science not only helps you feel good, it lets you enjoy life to its fullest. Click here for more information about LifeVantage products & ordering online.

Standard Process

Whole Food Nutrition

Standard Process has been dedicated to the development and creation of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy since 1929 and is the world’s first company to introduce whole food supplements to the general public. Introduced to the world by Dr. Royal Lee. his goal was to provide all-natural, whole-food nutrients. Our primary goal is to provide complete nutrition for the body that is as close as possible to its whole-food, all-natural state. For more information and to order these superior quality products, click here.