DNA Testing, or Genetic Testing, has advanced greatly in recent years and Live Well Chiropractic & Allergy Relief is one of a handful of Sioux Falls health practitioners to offer DNA testing as an integral part of their comprehensive patient care.

Your health goals can be achieved through a recommended genetic test that compiles your DNA analysis into a report that gives you customized recommendations for nutritional needs, fitness regimen, genetic health risks, fitness regimen, vitamin deficiencies, as well as weight management, with the focus on leading each patient to a healthier lifestyle.

Genetic Testing can be safely done for both adults and children in the comfort of your home. We recommend utilizing the basic AncestryDNA test from www.ancestry.com. We have seen these tests run anywhere from $69 to $99, based on the time of year and promotions they may be offering.

The DNA test results will include your genetic findings and comprehensive results. A recommendation report based on these findings will be delivered to you during a private consultation.