How Important is Genetic-based Nutrition to my health?

Ever wonder why some people can make awful diet and lifestyle choices with seemingly no consequence, while other people become ill despite having impeccable daily routines? The answer is genetics, and the base of what goes wrong lies in a part of genetics called “Methylation”.

Methylation is the way our body regulates and repairs its own DNA, and if this breaks down for any reason, we will eventually pay the price in energy, focus, mood, and various illnesses. When we methylate correctly, our various genes do their jobs properly so we can regulate and repair what is happening throughout our bodies.

At Live Well Chiropractic & Allergy Relief, we check for variations in the genes and how that is affecting these processes. If a gene has a variant, we also check if that has become a problem, not simply make a recommendation, as it is possible that gene is still functioning just fine. We then check and design nutritional protocols specific to where a gene is struggling to do its job. In this way, patients take only what they need, without any guesswork. So you can feel better as your body can now regulate and repair itself, the way it was made to!

Nutritional protocols are designed around muscle testing, genetic analysis and lab work.