BEMER Vascular Therapy Improves Circulation and Blood Flow
The BEMER Pro-Set – Wielding the full power of the BEMER solution

We were impressed with the data and presentation at a seminar regarding this device, but our patient Kay had an ongoing foot pain issue that wouldn’t resolve with any number of therapies and was excruciating. A couple sessions on this device and it all relieved, so we decided to purchase this system for our patients based on the amazing turnaround we saw in Kay.

It is FDA approved to increase peripheral circulation 33% in just 8 minutes! NASA has a contract with Bemer Group and sews the technology into the space suits so the astronauts can repair from the rigors of space exploration better.

Over a million clients, which includes international sports teams as well as Olympic athletes, are the endorsement proving BEMER’s top-ranking position at the pinnacle of its market segment is well deserved.

BEMER products are sold worldwide and used in over 40 countries. Our products have received state-approved status medical devices in several countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. Patients have the option to purchase their own device through our chiropractic practice which includes training on how to use the device, or purchase sessions and be treated at our location.

Check out this video explaining how Bemer works, by clicking here!