What is the ASA Balance Laser Allergy Relief System?

ASA Balance is a holistic alternative for reducing stresses in the body including allergies and other inflammatory conditions. This advanced technology provides an effective, fast, and painless procedure without needles for addressing all kinds of allergies.


ASA Balance is an Advanced Laser Allergy System that combines the benefits of bio feedback, laser acupuncture and auricular medicine. Combined with digestive immune support, this Cutting-edge technology has shown to be an effective and painless option for both adults, senior citizens and children as young as 4 months.

What is an Allergy?

Allergies are nothing more than inappropriate responses to something harmless, an error in the immune system. Your body sees an ordinary substance as foreign and reacts to it, sending you
into an allergic reaction involving any body system, organ or tissue. Our immune system makes antibodies that identify an allergen as something harmful, even though it isn’t. When you come into contact with the allergen, your immune system’s reaction inflames your skin, sinuses, airways or digestive system. This now creates a substance/association error that is made and learned by your nervous system, which becomes an ingrained pathway in your nervous system that associates the substance as a foreign object causing a reaction every time it is encountered.

What is the connection between Improper Digestion, your Immune System and Allergies?

Allergies are considered to be an immune system error. 80% of your immune system is related to your digestive system.

Is It Safe for Children?

We have safely and effectively treated infants as young as 4 months. Children often benefit as much or more than adults as they respond very well and oftentimes require fewer treatments to
achieve proper immune system balance.


Digestive problems are often the underlying factor leading to the development of delayed allergies and many times respiratory distress. Both children and adults suffer from undiagnosed excessively ‘leaky’ digestive tracts, causing partially undigested proteins to enter the bloodstream and cause a reaction. Using ASA Balancing to identify what is causing the reaction is the first step. The second is to then improve digestion by removing the infectious agents and/or heavy metals while replacing helpful enzymes and probiotics to aid the digestion process to optimal function.


What are the benefits of ASA Balance Laser Therapy for Allergy Relief instead of visiting a local Sioux Falls Allergy Doctor or Allergist?

First and foremost, no more painful allergy scratch tests, ongoing pain allergy shots (sometimes causing severe, adverse reactions), and regular ongoing allergy doctor visits. As the landscape of healthcare changes so does the way we treat our patients. Patients are now looking for the best way to stay healthy and resolve their chronic health issues, as they see that insurance reimbursement and coverage are not what they once where. Just like vehicle insurance does not cover regular maintenance of your car, most car owners will still take the necessary steps to maintain their car in order to avoid costly car expenses. This is beginning to take hold in the healthcare marketplace, with many individuals looking for holistic approaches to health care, which are not currently covered under typical health insurance coverage. It is especially important for those who suffer from long term, chronic health issues like chronic pain, asthma, digestive issues, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, depression, ADD/ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Allergies and other chronic inflammatory conditions. These diseases are all signs that your body is out of balance and each of these conditions can be reversed and resolved in some cases if appropriate holistic measures are taken.This is where ASA Balance Laser Therapy comes in.

All matter in the universe has its own unique frequency, thus we can take the things most people have been allergic or sensitive to and introduce it to the body through the ASA machine. The ASA uses Biofeedback which introduces the body to over 100,000 different frequencies and then measures changes in skin resistance. If the person is sensitive to that particular substance then the machine records this and then moves on to the next substance and repeats the process.

Once all sensitivities have been recorded, then the ASA Laser System re-introduces that frequency to the body along with different frequencies which neutralize the sensitivity. We then treat the body with the neutralizing frequency through the laser and electrical conducting metals. After the treatment, we may recommend a detox foot bath to help in the removal of toxins.

This ASA treatment is often used along with specific clinical nutrition to further process the elimination of allergy sensitivities. Once these low-level sensitivities are reduced or eliminated, the spine will hold adjustments longer and therefore improve your spine health as well. It is all inter-connected.

How much does this Holistic Allergy Relief Laser Therapy cost?

We are very reasonably priced considering there are no painful scratch tests, ongoing painful allergy shots or regular allergy doctor visits. We recommend a complete series of 13 visits in most cases to ensure all low-level sensitivities are removed or eliminated ensuring they do not lead into a chronic health condition. Priced only $95/session, making the traditional visit series pack $1,100, we are able to effectively target thousands of different allergens in a systematic manner, the results are extremely long-lasting, if not permanent in most cases. Visits can be spaced as far apart as the patient needs without setback due to our bracelet worn daily allowing treatment to continue beyond the session. This enables us to treat patients who have traveled from as far as six hours away for this therapy.

Fast, Painless Laser Allergy Relief with ASA Balance

With the best software-based equipment, the unit uses biofeedback from frequencies identical to different substances to see which ones cause an abnormal response. Counter-balancing frequencies are then created and run through a low-level laser over acupuncture points that correspond to the body’s organs and systems. In this way, poor responses to allergens and sensitivities that have become normal to the body are able to reset.

What does ASA Balance Laser System balance do and will it help me?

The ASA Balance Laser Therapy System scans over 100,000 different points of interest including your endocrine and nervous system digestion, organs, heavy metals, hormones, even pesticides. Essentially your whole body is scanned in relation to any allergens or metabolic sensitivities you may have.

Our Goals with ASA are to Reduce Inflammation, Clear Cellular Memory and Balance the Body

At Live Well Chiropractic & Allergy Relief, one of the unique aspects of the office is our approach to allergies through energy balancing. Using ASA Balance, a computer-based system, we are able to identify substances a patient’s body may have trouble with when encountered. Furthermore, using this system, a patient’s body can be balanced to the offending items and help reduce sensitivity to them.

We have helped hundreds of patients in this way.

Flexible Family Pack Care Credit Patient Payment Options

Does Live Well Chiropractic & Allergy Relief offer Interest-free Financing?

Yes! We realize that oftentimes unwelcome allergy sensitives are passed on genetically from one or both parents to their children. Because of the incredible success rate our patients have received not only for themselves but for their children, we offer families with 3 or more immediate family members receiving ASA Balance Laser treatment a discounted rate of $950 per family member, or only $73/session. For just 3 family members, the savings will add up to $450!

In addition to this generous discount, we also offer our patients the option of interest-free financing through Care Credit. This enables payments to be spread out over a 12-month period (or more in some cases), ensuring your family is able to receive the health benefits of this revolutionary allergy relief treatment without breaking the bank.