Why is Monthly Maintenance Important to your Spinal Health?

The spine takes on abnormal motions all day long, resulting in a cumulative stress on the spine and the tissues supporting it. When vertebrae become misaligned, over time, they do not allow the discs between the vertebra to do their normal “pumping” motion, and these discs start to break down. This does not always come with pain initially, but will many times result in breakdown to the point of pain and ongoing discomfort.

This was the case for my father, who had no history of any back pain prior to simply bending down to pick a tomato. When he tried to stand back up he had extremely sharp pain that prevented him from being able to stand up straight. Upon reviewing an X-ray of his low back area, it was noted that one disc was completely gone, another was very thin, and he had most likely pinched a nerve in this area. These discs hadn’t suddenly vanished, but rather had been whittled away over time as the uncorrected vertebral misalignments put extra stress on them. Since discs don’t have pain fibers, and they had not bulged or herniated, there were no warning signs that he could sense prior to this incident. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common scenario, as we are incorrectly trained to believe that “no pain” means “no problems”.

The only way to prevent this type of scenario from happening is through regular ongoing checkups to the spine, similar to the importance of visiting the dentist regularly to prevent cavities and gum disease. The same holds true for spinal health, and we recommend being checked for spinal misalignments monthly to keep your spine in optimal health for a lifetime.


Monthly Maintenance Program with a Perk!

We believe so strongly in keeping your spine healthy and fully functioning that we have a created a Monthly Maintenace Program with a Perk! Visit us each month for a consecutive 12 months for spinal adjustments, we will punch your Maintenance Card on each visit and you will receive your 13th visit FREE!

If it is determined no adjustment is needed on any of your monthly visits, you will not be charged for your visit, but we will still punch your Maintenance Card, giving you credit toward your FREE month.